Ad Sharing

Enter your Amazon Associates and Google AdSense ad publisher codes on your Ads management page, and start (potentially) earning money for ads displayed next to tutorial articles that you have published.

Normally, ads displayed on Comment/How use Comment/How's advertising accounts with Amazon Associates and Google AdSense. But when you create or translate articles and enter your ad publisher codes on your Ads management page, Comment/How will display ads with your Amazon Associates or Google AdSense ad publisher code a certain percentage of the time.

New users will have their ads displayed 10% of the time. We display advertising with your ad codes based on the current milliseconds (0-999) on our webserver's clock, using this algorithm:
if: currentMilliseconds < yourAdPercentage x 10
then: display advertising with your ad codes
else: display advertising with Comment/How's ad codes
So, for example, if your ad display percentage is 15%, then 15 x 10 = 150. Every second of the day, you have a 15% chance of having advertising displayed with your ad codes if someone visits one of your pages during that second. If someone visits one of your pages when the current time reads 0 to 149 milliseconds, advertising with you ad codes would be displayed. If the current time reads 150 to 999 milliseconds, Comment/How's advertising would be displayed.

If you open accounts with the advertising services we use (currently Amazon Associates and Google AdSense), and if you enter your advertising publisher codes in the Ads management portion of your Comment/How user profile, we will display advertising with your advertising codes a certain percentage of the time. Comment/How members also have tools at their disposal on the Ads management page to make sure the ads that are served on your tutorial pages are more directly targeted to reflect the content of your tutorials, the language you write in, and so on.

This Ad Sharing model has the potential to earn you some money, but of course there's no guarantee of whether you will make any money or not, and if so, how much. The only thing we can guarantee is that if you put your advertising publisher codes into our system, we will display ads a percentage of the time that, if clicked, should be credited to you by the advertising network. As with any content-based site on the web, the more high-quality tutorials you create, the better your likelihood of attracting readers who may be interested in the products that are advertised on your tutorial pages.