Camping Bread

A Camping Tradition

When I went camping with my dad and my two boys this summer, I decided I'd try making camping bread. Some German friends introduced me to this idea. Apparently it's as common a camping activity in Germany as smores are in the US.

The idea is simple: wrap bread dough (home-made or store-bought) around a stick of some sort and then bake it over your campfire's coals.

Prepare the Dough

In order to make things as simple as possible, I bought quick baking dinner roll dough in a canister from the grocery store to bring along on the camping trip. You can absolutely do this with dough that you prepare yourself as well however.

Whatever dough you use, get it out and place it on a plate.

Wrap the Dough

Take thin strips of dough and wrap them back and forth around your sticks.

Your sticks can either be metal hot dog forks, the traditional smores stick from a coat hanger, or even branches that have been smoothly stripped of their bark.

Before you proceed, spin your stick around a few times and make sure the dough is wrapped and knotted around the stick in such a way that the dough won't fall off when it's held over the fire.

Bake over Coals

Now hold your bread dough over the coals of your campfire to bake it. Slowly rotate your stick so that one side doesn't get burned. You should get to the point where you can get the bread cooked all the way through without burning the outside, but it does take some experimentation.


You can wrap things inside your dough before you cook it. For example:

  • Bacon
  • Hot dog bits
  • Chocolate (yum!)

Pull them off

Pull all of your baked bread pieces off the sticks and serve them up along with whatever other breakfast items you've cooked.




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