Smores Variant: Le Petit Marshmallier


Never Drop Your Chocolate Square Again

The traditional smore is a toasted marshmallow and a square of chocolate sandwiched in between two graham cracker squares.

I developed the Petit Marshmall-ier variety of smore while living in Congo where graham crackers were not available. We could get bags of marshmallows though, and a kind of cookie that has a square of chocolate already baked onto a cookie. These cookies have different names including Le Petit Écolier. In the US I've found them under the name "Petit Beurre" too.

Step 1:

Roasty Toasty

Once you have your campfire going, it's time to roast some marshmallows!

Carefully poke a marshmallow or two onto the end of your roasting stick. Then hold the marshmallow near the coals and slowly rotate it so it doesn't catch on fire and all sides get evenly browned.

Step 2:

Choc' and Load

Once you're happy with your marshmallow, get out a Petit Écolier cookie and gently slide your marshmallow off onto the cookie.

You can eat it with just the marshmallow on the cookie, or you can add another cookie on top to keep your fingers from getting messy and to enjoy double chocolate!

Step 3:


Bon appétit!


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