Discreet spring loaded shopping bag holder


Discreet spring loaded shopping bag holder

This is an approach to make a way for a persons with reduced functions in their hands

for holding a plastic bag in a discreet way.

its ment to be "hided" under the sleeve, and bump it at the hip to release..

This is not for heavy bags!

There is two versons, one fully printed mechanism, and one reinforced.

Materials needed:


*Filament, PLA or ABS. nylon or alu for slider.

*Glue, Cyanoacrylat, epoxy and contact glue

*m3 hexbolt

*plaster cast of a hand

Gif of prototype test:

Step 1:

Springloaded mechanism

The assembly for the springloaded mechanism shows in the picture above

glue on springs to slider at the two knobs

Step 2:

The button

The button is printable (knapp111.stl)

Print in stiff material, but i will recomend to use a metal screw.

M3 bolt, and buttonhead.stl
Grind the head of bolt to chamber it like picture above(blue)

and cut it to right hight.

thread the hole in the buttonhead with a m3 tap

Adjust it`s travel by turning the bolt. Make shure it`s not going to far down

The button is calibrated to right pressure release with slices of a soft material.
I used EVAsot.(quess its like 30shore) hight of slice is crusial ;)

Step 3:


The plastic slider is kind of weak for lateral movements when extended.

Print in strong material thats not brittle, like nylon.
I did not have any nylon at the time, so i had to mill it in Alu.

Step 4:

The hook

Print in PLA or ABS

glue it with cyanoacrylat to slider

Step 5:

The brace

For the brace i used wet formed leather, same as for leather knife

for this part, you need a plaster cast of the hand for perfect fit.

wet the leather over night.

stamp leather to cast(smooth side in), aim for the opening, so you dont ruin the parts you will use.

stretch it at much as you can around the cast and stamp the other end close to where you started.

take some bandage or somthing and stretch it around it all tight.

then let it dry on a warm place for some days.

take out the stamps and take out the cast, then trim the ends.

glue on mecanism with epoxy, and then covered it in horse leather

or any strethchy material of choice

with some contact glue.

sew on some Velcro for fastening, with a shoelace hook for easy detaching


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