DIY Grappling Hook made from Household Items!


DIY Grappling Hook made from Household Items!

In this project I found a way to make a grappling hook out of items that can be found in your house!

Step 1:

What you need

For this project you will need, a wired clothes hanger, tape (any type works), needle nose pliers (any pliers work as long as they can cut the wire in the hanger), string or rope (you can use fishing line, shoe laces, etc)

Step 2:

Cutting the hanger in to 4 pieces

Now use the needle nose pliers to cut the clothes hanger in to 4 pieces. Try to make the metal strips into all the same length to make the grappling hook work better. Warning, the metal strips may be sharp so keep them away from your eyes.

Step 3:

Tape the Metal Strips

Put the metal strips together and wrap them in tape like shown in the photo. You can use as much tape as you want, however, if you put too much the grappling hook may be too heavy.

Step 4:

Bent the metal strips into a hook shape

Use the needle nose pliers to bend back the metal strips into a hook shape. If the outer paint layer of the metal flakes off while bending, it is normal and will not cause any effect to the final product.

Step 5:

Tape the string to the grappling hook

Use the tape to attach the string or rope, onto the hook. Make sure you use a lot of tape to ensure that the string will stay on the hook.

Step 6:

Have fun!

The grappling hook is very good for practicing hooking onto stair rails and branches of trees. Remember to be careful with the grappling hook as the metal parts could be sharp so keep away from your eyes.


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