Mini Swamp Cooler


Mini Swamp Cooler

Here is a quick, simple and cheap Comment/How-to! Overall this project should be 5-10 dollars if your buying everything new. You may need 15 minutes to build this, unless your rampaging through all your drawers looking for the materials.

How a swamp cooler works:
The evaporating water in the swamp cooler draws away heat making it cold inside. The fan draws the cold air out of it, cooling surrounding areas. The warmer it is in the room the cooler it blows.

-Computer fan = $5
-9v battery = $1
-Popsicle sticks (8 or so) = free
-Plastic Bag = free
-Glue sticks (Hot glue gun) = (5 pack) $2
-Water = free
-Switch (optional) = $2

-Hot Glue Gun = $5 -10

Step 1:

Standing the Fan Up

This is where your hot glue gunning skills come in handy!

Glue 2 Popsicle sticks one each corner, it provides the stability you need. If your wires are very long make sure to wrap your wires around a little bit so you don't have to cut and splice.

You can trim the tops if you want to make a cleaner look.

Step 2:

Add the battery

Id recommend a 9v battery, compact, simple and cheap.

Option 1: Wrap the wires around the insides of the Popsicle Sticks. Then glue the battery at where the wire ends.

Option 2: Have the wires run out and meet the battery wherever.

Step 3:

Add water

Now get the plastic bag and put all 4 sides of the Popsicle sticks.

Like so...

Step 4:

Now your cool!

There you go, there is your wonderful portable/min Swamp cooler! Perfect for a personally cooler on outdoor trips! You can make any changes to it that you would think it would make it better.

Thanks for reading my first Comment/How-to. ~Geeko


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