How to Wash Your Leather Jackets


How to Wash Your Leather Jackets

I love my leather jackets. Since they are old, I don't want to spend too much money dry cleaning them so every summer I wash them my self.

Warning: This can ruin the leather or the insulation material inside. It will discolor the leather. It really did not matter to me so I went ahead and washed them.

Make sure it's a nice sunny day when you wash your jackets.

Set your washer to gentle cycle and add detergent.

Step 1:

Start Running the Machine

Let the washer run through the whole cycle and spin dry the jacket.

Step 2:

Take Out of the Washer

After it hass spined the jacket dried, take out of washer and place on a heavy duty hanger.

Step 3:

Let the Sun Do Its Thing

Hang outside to dry, it takes a few hours to dry completely.

I you feel like it, once it's dried run some leather conditioning to preserve the leather.

Put away your clean jacket and its ready for next winter.

Step 4:

Step 4:


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