How To Repair Your Renault Scenic Boot Lock Button 1999-2003 models


How To Repair Your Renault Scenic Boot Lock Button 1999-2003 models

Your boot button has fallen out because the small rubber o ring which holds the button componant in place has worn out and broken causing the button to be ejected.  The picture shows a complete o ring on the left and a perished o ring on the right.  My soloution to this was to produce a cost effective fix fo rthis common problem.  I produced a custom machined metal clip which can be crimped into place and will not wear out.  This can be purchased at my online shop:

If you have also lost your button these can also be purchased here as well as the spring componant and colour coded button options.  The following tutorial shows how to repair your lock using these componants.  This repair is suitable for Renault Scenic models from 1999-2003 and all Renault Megane models of the same year.

Step 1:

Removing the interior tailgate trim

Open the boot and using the T-20 Torx screwdriver unscrew the four screws, which hold the interior boot trim in place (some models have an additional two screws near the wiper motor). Unhook the parcel shelf bungees from the trim. To remove the trim, pull firmly all around the edges, you will hear a snapping sound, this is just the clips that hold it in place.

Step 2:

Removing the lock assembaly

Disconnect the plug from the lock motor and using the 10mm spanner, undo the two fastening nuts which hold the lock assembly to the tailgate panel. Remove the lock assembly by gently pulling, you will need to release the metal switch lever by sliding it to the bottom of the “L” shaped channel and twisting slightly. Do not force it!

Step 3:

Fitting the button into the lock assembaly

Line up spring and push the long piece through the hole so it sticks out the back. 

As in the second picture, holding back the sprung arm whilst holding the button fully in, place the retaining clip into the recess of the long arm. Using the pliers or mole grips, carefully and firmly crimp the clip onto the arm. When in place, the clip should freely rotate around the arm, but not fall away. IMPORTANT! Ensure the clip is secure!

Step 4:


Re attach the metal lever to the sprung arm.  The bent end fits through the bottom of the
“L” shaped slot with the square end.  Bolt the assembly back onto the tailgate panel, remembering to plug the power supply back onto the lock motor. At this stage you can check your installation by closing the tailgate and pressing the button. Also test the remote central locking.

Place the interior trim in place, thump around the edges with a clenched fist to secure, again you will hear a snapping sound of the clips re attaching.
Replace the four screws and reattach the parcel shelf bungees.  All finished, well done!

Again, if you need any componants for this repair, please visit my online shop


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