How to Regrow Green Onions


How to Regrow Green Onions

If you’re like me, you buy green onions for certain dishes, but whatever you don’t use ends up going bad in the fridge. I’ll want to use them for another recipe only to find that they have morphed into a mystery bag of spoiled mucky green slime in the bottom drawer. Please don't judge, I can't be the only one, right? Maybe I'm the only one who will admit it in an Comment/How-to.

What if you could just regrow those green onions so they don't go bad in the first place??? Hopefully you'll forgive my "lost bag of green onions" incident and check out my blog for my easy recipes for busy families. Find more info at

Original post for regrowing green onions is at How to Regrow Green Onions.

Step 1:

Cut the Onion About One Inch From the Root End

Use your green onion in your favorite recipe, but save the root end to regrow new ones!

Ok, sorry, but this is not rocket science here. I was floored when I found out you could do this. Just save the bulb ends and place them root side down into a narrow cup. Add about 3/4 inch of water and put it near a window to grow more green onion goodness! Just change out the water every couple of days.

You should check out my blog or my other Comment/How-tos. I have a couple that use green onions and I love these 5-shear scissors for quick prep!

Step 2:

Place Them Roots Down in a Narrow Cup in 3/4 Inch of Water

Put the cup near a window with natural sunlight. Switch out the water every couple of days.

Step 3:

Day Four of Growth

Step 4:

Day Nine of Growth

Just snip the green ends when you need them for a recipe!


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