Diy Fidget Spinner


Diy Fidget Spinner

Everyone wants to own a fidget spinner but they are so expensive for just a little thing so I decided to make one
You will need:
-scroll saw
-hole saw 19mm
-plastic glue
-super glue

Step 1:

Step 1

First mark out how big you want it to be I did 30mm x 80mm for 2 bits and cut them

Step 2:


Glue them together then draw a cross from one corner to the other to find out the middle then drill a 19mm hole in the middle

Step 3:


Glue the 2 bits of plastic together and file and sand the edges to make them even and smooth

Step 4:


Now super glue the bearing in the middle p then you are done
You can now enjoy playing with a cheap DIY fidget spinner that actually works
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