Phone Stand Using Insulated Solid Copper Wire


Phone Stand Using Insulated Solid Copper Wire

A phone's stand with a weird design from insulated solid copper wire. This Comment/How-to is a part of my 5 Unusual Uses of Insulated Solid Copper Wire (it is better to check it out). I made this because I have some excess supply of insulated solid copper wire and I love watching online videos such as YouTube or online streaming movies out there. It has a minimal design with great functionalities as being a phone's stand. By making this project I am able to reuse or recycle my old and excess insulated solid copper wire.

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Every person that loves watching movies or streaming should have this. You don't need to spend money by purchasing phone's stand out there if you can make one for your own use. I made this Comment/How-to for all makers out there who want to have an easy Do-It-Yourself Phone Stand using only some excess insulated solid copper wire. Want to make one for yours? What are you waiting for? Go to the first step!

Step 1:

Inspiration: Research

My inspiration for this project is having a phone stand that can be quickly created, re-shape, adjustable and portable. I do some research about Phone Stand, what I found is, there are so many product designs for Phone Stand. They look so good and useful to me but one thing, few of them is portable and easy to stock. Yeah, they are beautiful but some of them not portable, instead they focus on the design, not the portability.

My Comment/How-to is very basic to make because you're only using a 22-24 AWGinsulated solid core copper wire. Which is you can reshape it whatever you want. But in the first place, you should shape it on its main design which I've provided in this Comment/How-to.

By using insulated solid core copper wire, this means you can reshape it easily even without pliers (if you're using a too small value of AWG). So yeah, For my Comment/How-to I use a white insulated solid core copper wire. My insulated solid copper wire is an old one which is act as excess in my storage box so I decided to reuse or recycle it.

Step 2:

Ideation: Brainstorming & Sketching

Here's my sketch of the design of my Phone Stand using insulated copper wire. Have a look at my sketch! I sketch it using ball point pen (a standard one). Look over my design there is some mistake in my design which I fix it and I correct it. Brainstorming helps me a lot in the stage of ideation. I always evaluate the functions and design. You have a good look design but poor in functionalities like the strength of your materials. I believe that every design has a purpose why it looks weird to some people. For example, the Sydney Opera House has a weird shell-shaped design. They don't know that having this shell-shaped size has a purpose in terms of producing and amplifying sounds.

Every design for has its own purpose. I focus on the functionality of my Phone Stand so that the design ends up with a weird shape. But for me, it looks good as it shows an abstract design. I didn't include the measurement for the design because it will depend on the measure of your mobile phone. We have different mobile phone's sizes so that I didn't include it. You can make a full size based on the max size of a mobile smartphone. I add adjustable bent in the back of the Phone Stand if ever I want to create an adjustable one for different sizes of phones. So now, I will use it only in my Samsung Galaxy Young (low-end device runs on Gingerbread).

It's up to you if you want to create an adjustable one or a fixed size one for your own. You can freely make your own design for this project. Please let me what yours in the comment below. :)

Step 3:

Iteration: Prototyping & Design

This is my most favorite part in my Comment/How-to! In prototyping, I'll be using a white insulated solid core copper wire. Get your old one or new set of insulated copper wire. Just follow my pictures on how I achieve the prototype based on the design. If you have a different design from me please follow your own design/sketch. Use proper measurement in centimeter. Please make sure different side of your Phone Stand has the same measure because you will encounter a problem in the end mostly in the functionality and stability of your Phone Stand. My first prototype I didn't follow the measurement I have in the sketch so I ended it up in the wrong size with an ugly weird look phone stand. My advice carefully follows the measurement you have with your design or sketch. Again, if you looking for a size just go over in my pictures there should be a size in there. Take note, the measurement in my photos are based on the size of my Samsung Galaxy Young (I didn't make a adjustable one). So, if you want to make an adjustable one first thing research the size of the maximun dimension of smartphone. Then, apply it into your design, that's it! Enjoy the photos I've provided! I hope it helps.

Step 4:

Presentation: Final Model

Hooray! Congratulations! You have now your very own Phone Stand out of insulated solid copper wire. Use it with pride because you've recycled your old insulated copper wires and transform it into a new item to be used as a Phone Stand. What I've learned in this Comment/How-to project? Well, for me... before making any project you should have a proper plan for this to reduce the time and cost. If you didn't consider the cost and effort for your project, you'll end up in nothing. Based on my experience, while making this Comment/How-to, I didn't follow my own sketch (I know that you're laughing at me because I am a fool) and I ended it as ugly design with less function because the measurements are not the same and consistent even the curves and bends are not consistent. So, if you have a design just follow it! In our case, just stick to my design lol. Anyway, thank you for your time to read my work!

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Thank you for taking your time to read my Comment/How-to about making your own phone stand using insulated solid copper wire. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoy making it and documenting it to show and tell to other fellow makers here. If you find my Comment/How-to useful please consider to click the heart button, leave your comment about my Comment/How-to or even follow me on Comment/How. By voting this project to the contest it means a lot to me. You can support me by visiting my Patreon page or visiting my Facebook page for more interesting projects about web development, programming, and electronics. I'll bid you farewell, see you in my next Comment/How!


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