DIY Water Gun


DIY Water Gun

Today, I have not one but two great water guns to show you. One is simple, the other is really really really simple. Both are made from a water bottle, and they both use the same concept, but are actually a lot different.

Step 1:

The First Gun....

This gun is pretty cool. It doesn't have too long of range, but nobody will want to come close if you are wielding it. This gun has a thick stream, witch means that it uses l....well I guess I will just make a pros and cons list.


Easy to make


Thick stream of water


Water guzzler

Short range

I think that is about it for this gun! Lets start making it!

Step 2:

Materials and Tools

For the first gun you will need:

Water bottle


Drill with 1/4 inch bit

A small, sharp knife

That's all. Simple, right?

Step 3:

Making It

Take the drill and position it on the middle of the bottle cap, then drill a hole in it. After you made a hole, take the knife and trim around the hole to remove all the plastic sticking up. Now, take the straw and slide it in the hole in the cap. Get your bottle and fill it up with water, then put the cap with the straw on the bottle. You are now done! Squeeze the bottle, and water will go flying out.

Step 4:

The Second Gun..

This second gun has the same concept, but it is much, much simpler. You will be surprised at how much different this gun is from the other one. Here is a pros and cons list:


Really, really, easy to make.

(kinda) long range.

Lasts long on a fill.

Great spy weapon-it looks like a regular water bottle.


Can't empty the whole tank.

Small stream of water.

Step 5:

What You Need and How to Make It

All you need is:

Thumb tack or needle or anything pointy, small, and sharp.

A water bottle.

Now all you need to do is stick the tack into the top of the lid. Pull the tack out, fill the bottle with water, squeeze, and voilà, you have a water gun!

Step 6:

In Conclusion...

The best water guns are not always the ones that you buy. Comment below on which gun is your best!


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