The Tire Cooker


The Tire Cooker

This solar cooker has been designed by Suresh Vaidyarajan - an architect, who has found a simple solution for a tough problem. For the last one year he has been cooking his food in this solar cooker. This is the simplest solar cooker I have ever seen.

Step 1:

Cooking without Wood

There is a tremendous shortage of wood, kerosene and fuel for cooking. But can we not use the tremendous heat of the sun to cook food?

Step 2:

Car Inner Tube

Take an old car tube. If the tube is punctured get it patched. Inflate the tube and keep it on a wooden board.

Step 3:

Prepare the Meal

Take an aluminum cooking vessel with a lid. Paint it black from the outside. Put all the ingredients for cooking your meal in the cooking pot. For cooking Khichdi, put rice, daal, salt, water etc. in the cooking pot.

Step 4:

Cover with Glass

Place the cooking vessel inside the tube. Cover the tube with a piece of plain glass. Within three hours the Khichdi will get cooked.

Step 5:

How it Works

What happens? The place in the well of the tube is like a closed cavity. Air neither go out nor come in. The rays of the sun enter the glass and get trapped. Slowly, the temperature of the cooking vessel rises and the Khichdi gets cooked.


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