Make a rope ladder


Make a rope ladder

Throw together a little rope ladder to hang on a tree or a playhouse! You don't need many tools for this little tutorial.

Step 1:

Cut the dowels to size for the ladder rungs (each one 25 cm long) and gather all the needed materials together.

Step 2:

Drill a hole through each end of each dowel, 2 cm from the end.

Tip: Starting from the center of the circle at each end of the dowel, draw a line up to the top. Then draw a line between the two centers to make sure the holes line up.

Step 3:

Unroll the rope, fold it in half in the middle. Then make a knot with a loop in it.

Step 4:

Starting at the big knot, make two more knots 30 cm along each length of rope. Then pass the rope through the holes of one of the ladder rungs.

Step 5:

Make another knot in each length of rope immediately after the ladder rung.

Step 6:

Repeat this procedure with the remaining ladder rungs:

  1. Make two knots 30 cm from the previous rung.
  2. Pass the rope through the holes in the next rung.
  3. Make two knots immediately after the rung to hold it in place.

Step 7:

Wrap up by burning/melting the end of each rope to keep it from unravelling.

Step 8:

Hang the rope from a tree. Be sure to attach it carefully so it won't fall off!


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