Skinny Bunny Pattern


Another UFO - I really should pull out my Skinny Bunny, who has tapestry fabric for ears and pawpads, and finish him. But to my surprise, someone else has made one sight unseen.

I don't have any pictures of my Skinny Bunny, but he's very similar to Fran's Bunny, my very first foray into bearmaking, but skinnier and gawkier.

Step 1:

The Pattern

No seam allowances are given (the pattern is the stitching line), and you can print out the pictures at 75 dpi, or 8x10". Use typical teddy bear instructions, other than the teardrop pawpad - when you sew the arms, leave the straight underside of the paw open, and insert the teardrop with its point where the two arm pieces come together (the inside "wrist" point).

For a tail, you can make a pompon, or enlarge and cut two more of those teardrops. Sew them together, then carefully snip a slit through one layer in the rounded end. Turn, stuff, and sew on.

Step 2:

Other Interpretations

Flickr user tuff_as_snails has made a Skinny Bunny (without, it looks like, pawpads in the hind feet at least).


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