Wooden Luminescent Ring


Wooden Luminescent Ring

This project may require some shop skills, and access to shop tools. There are alternative ways to create the ring I'm making. If you have access to a laser cutter, the ring bands would be easy to cut out. If not, buying a hand drill and your desired drill bits, forstner bit, and hole saw, can be a good alternative. Its relatively easy access because you can buy them at your local Home Depot. Also if you know how to turn on the lathe, you can make like ten in 2 minutes.


- 3v watch battery (the one I purchased was 16mm in diameter)

- Wood (preferably a hardwood that is 3/16" to 1/4")

- LED (I'm using an arduino lilypad LED, so I don't have to use a resistor.)

- Wire

- Rosin Core Solder

- Veneer (thin wood sheet, one that preferably matches your wood)

- Double Sided Tape

- Hot Glue

- Electric Tape


- Drill Press (alternatives; laser cutter, hand drill)

- Forstner Bit (that fits your ring size)

- Hole Saw (what you want the thickness of your ring to be)

- Sand Paper (80 - 180 grit)

- Super Glue

- Soldering Iron

- Hot Glue Gun

- Triangle File (alternative; exacto knife)


The circuit is fairly simple. You will be connecting (+) positive LED to (+) positive Battery and (-) negative LED to (-) negative Battery, using wire.


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